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About us

     Insane Acres is a haunted house in the rural community of Charlie Texas, just four miles away from the Red River that separates Texas and Oklahoma. The name of this attraction wasn't always Insane Acres. When we first opened our gates to the property in 2012 we called ourselves the Twisted and Insane Hayride. Not to long after we opened with the hayride we decided to dive further into the this idea. In 2016 Insane Acres was established and continues to be operated to this day.

The story

     The story behind this place of terrors in Charlie Texas is as follows; 
Dr. Price Karter, who was a renowned scientist that was incarcerated for his gruesome experiments on humans creating human and animal hybrids. Released in 2013… now along with his canilblistic family he is rumored to reside in Charlie, Texas. Numerous reports of missing persons all over the countryside have been reported as well as strange noises and severed limbs recovered throughout the area. Could this be the work of Dr. Price and the Karter family?
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