Our response to the Corona virus


Here at Insane Acres we have reviewed options to proceed with the 2020 year. WE ENCOURAGE ON LINE TICKET SALES. Once you buy a ticket online you will be emailed a printable ticket, you do not have to print this but we recommend you do so as due to the lack of cellular data where we are located. To ensure we are following COVID19 safety measures, we can only allow 6 people in each group. In addition to these safety measures we will not be serving any food at the event to further prevent any chances to spread the virus. We will be adapting out waiting lines to accommodate space for social distancing. Please stay tuned and join our mailing list for more information and updates regarding the current situation of the haunted attraction.





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The Coronavirus has Seriously impacted all sorts of big and small businesses.   We will  keep y'all updated on this issue.

Insane Acres Corona update


Insane Acres 2022 update


As of right now Insane Acres will be opening up for the HALLOWEEN season starting 09/30/22   We encourage online ticketing for the haunt.